GGJ, Campfire, DemoDay and more!

We've been doing a lot of work towards new initiatives, here is a small brief.

We didn’t get to do too many things last year; everything went online and a lot of us who were doing physical meetups and events were trying to adapt to those changes as well as coping to everything that has happened to us over the past year.

We wanted this year to be a bit different and we are trying to plan things out in advance so that there is always something for the community to look forward to :)

GGJ India 2021

The GGJ 2021 was also online, the bigger difference this year was that those sites who were jamming in India came together to jam as a single unit; no we didn’t create one amorphous site, but rather retained the original sites (so that we can eventually go back to them once we get out of this rut) but got together on the discord. Even if the number of people participated and the games made were less, it was still a fun thing to do and one that many were looking forward to doing.

Campfire 🔥

We’ve been inspired by the Games Industry Gathering (GIG) and decided to take a page from their book and do a smaller gathering focused on the Indian games industry. Since our physical meetups have become non-existent and conferences like the IGDC going online, we’ve missed catching up, talking to our friends and meeting new and interesting folks from the Industry. The GIG is great when it comes to meeting folks across the world, but we felt that there was a pressing need to connect and catch up with the locals! So, we give you Campfire! The first Campfire is all set to take place today, 6th of March 2021 at 8PM. If you haven’t signed up for it, head on over to the Campfire page and do so! If you are reading this later and missed it, never mind, sign up for it so that you don’t miss the next one!

Demo Day 🎮

The Demo Day has been a regular space for people to meet, play and give feedback for years with IGDA Bangalore. This year, as an experiment we are taking the Demo Day online and pan India. Instead of doing a local city based demo day, we are planning to do a demo day where artists from around India can show and share their work.

We are also planning to open it up so that it is not completely focused on digital/non-digital games. There has been requests to include tools, plugins, music, art, writing and other crafts connected with game development as well.

So, if you have a game or anything else you would like to showcase, please sign up for the Demo Day and we’ll reach out to you.

and more…

We are planning more events and community engagements across the year and if you would like to contribute in any way, please reach out to any of the moderators on the discord.

Also, in an effort to get the community a bit more active, we’ve been doing bi-weekly giveaways (that’s twice every week) of Steam keys. So if you would like to get in on the action, do join our discord.

We will be back with more events and updates soon! Stay safe! ❤