GameDevs of India - an awesome directory of gamedevs from India

I've been cooking up something over the weekend. It is basically a directory of awesome people who are working in the games industry/making games etc.

My past efforts at this (primarily to find awesome people to collaborate with) have failed, mostly because there was a lot of friction in gathering data (portfolio links, industry roles, contact details etc). This time around, I tried to minimize that to as little as I possibly could with this people’s people directory (Do I dare to say people one more time!?).

Why do we need this?

If you have tried to find an artist or a developer or anyone else who is part of this industry to hire/collaborate with/etc you would know that it is not super easy, in fact it is kinda hard! One problem we wanted to solve is that; visibility for those who are part of the games industry and an easy place for people to see others in the industry and connect with them.

We will slowly add more features and evolve it into interesting things in the future, but for now…

Please Join! is a custom hand crafted website made with a lot of love. It would be awesome if you could add yourself to the list.

Just sign in with your LinkedIn ID to do so -

PS: please share it with other industry people you know!

Thank you! <3