Demo Day 8 is done!

Thank you for participating!

Demo Day 8 Online was the first of its kind and it was splendid. We had an intimate group of 9 developers showcasing multiple projects and a small cohort of about 30 people who joined in to get to know these projects better and to share their feedback.

The online format did restrict people from actually “demo”-ing the games, but we went through a lot in such short amount of time. Below were some of the games that were showcased and links to the games/devs. Enjoy!

Spacecraft: In the Void by Eaz games

You are an AI in a post apocalyptic world who needs to wage wars against other AIs to meet it's creator. It would be a metroidvania for rts games.

Despair by Aayush Kashyap

A Talented Lady by Borderline Genius

In A Talented Lady, survive the night in a haunted, abandoned office floor. Set in the unique setting of 90s corporate India, perform different prayers, solve puzzles, complete word games and test your luck with centuries old traditional board games.

Shikhar The Peak by Eklavya Games

Syphilisation by Nikhil Murthy

Corrupted Relic by Trimurti Games

Weight of Labels by Fields of View

Weight of Labels by Fields of View is a game on diversity in the workplace. It is set in the context of internships in small and medium industries in the Netherlands.

Guldasta by Swapnesh

Guldasta is a euro style set collection card game based on the theme of gardening flowers and offering them to the gods and goddesses. You can follow Swapnesh and his work here -

If you have any thoughts about Demo Day and the work we do at, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your feedback really helps us focus on what is important for the community and help it grow.