BYOG 2021 has ended!

Time to play the games!!

Thank you all for taking a weekend and participating in the BYOG 2021 and making it the biggest jam we've organized so far! We have had more than 500 people submitting over 150 games! Please go play them -

Play the Games

The next 3 weeks will be insanely hard for the BYOG’21 Jury to sort through, play and objectively judge all the entries. We will try to leave as much feedback as possible and also try to reach out to you if things break or need your help at some point. Please try to keep your communication channels - comments/discord/email/phones etc open for us in case we need to reach out to you!

🔥 We are doing a special Campfire next weekend, at 8PM on 30th October 2021, you will get an email about it soon; and for those of you who haven't attended on yet, please sign up -

This year’s BYOG 2021 would not have happened if not for the IndiaGDC. The results for the jam will be announced during the free conference in November. Please do register and be part of India's biggest gamedev focused conference -

Register for IGDC 2021

Last but not least! A lot of to ❤ and 🤗 to Vivek Jha and Chirag Chopra for leading BYOG yet again this year! This would not have happened without their hard work and sincere effort!