is a volunteer-run community for game creators in India. Its activities vary from organizing events, meetups, game jams, workshops, talks, demo days, studio crawls and many more. Through its activities, it hopes to connect the disparate group of game developers, designers, artists, storytellers, policymakers, academics, students and many more to come together and use game as a medium to solve problems, create engaging and entertaining content, experiment, break new ground, collaborate and push the medium forward. To join our discord or to check out the game industry directory or for any more information regarding and its activities please visit -

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What is new in the gamedev world

People is a community for game creators in India -

Arjun Nair

Indie developer, coder and retro gaming enthusiast.

Kinshuk Sunil

Game Designer at Hashstash. Loves to play Simulation, Strategy, and Early Access games.


Making games (and explaining why to parents) since 2002.

Yadu Rajiv

is a Game Designer and Developer. Currently Building -

Shagun Shah

Lead Game Designer @ Byjus

Chirag Chopra

Founder @ Lucid Labs

Vivek Jha

Mod at SO at GGJ Delhi/NCR Game Developer